Our experienced Specification Team provides a comprehensive design and technical support service to consultants interested in SMART Lighting Control Systems for their building.

27 years of supplying large commercial projects, coupled with detailed knowledge of current and emerging technologies, enables our trained team of Applications Engineers to offer the most efficient and cost effective price solution for your client.

Please contact us on 01992 450126 or for design, commercial or technical support with your project.

*Please be advised that Simmtronic will be minimally increasing the prices of select products effective June 2021. This increase is necessary due to help offset increases in prices of materials, supplier increases and higher operating costs. Be assured we have enacted the smallest increase possible while continuing to ensure the quality of all our products. Any orders placed before June 2021 will be honoured at the current price. If you have any questions, please contact our sales team on 01992 450126. We appreciate your continued business.*


Simmtronic has an Aftersales Department specifically structured to support the on-going servicing and maintenance of installed systems, thus providing complete life cycle support for the lighting control system.

Our committed Aftersales team takes responsibility for the prompt updating of lighting control schemes in response to advised changes within client buildings.

This Simmtronic service gives facilities managers the means to ensure the lighting controls remain as effective as the day they were commissioned.

The team works with contractors and customers and provides onsite surveys, technical expertise, engineering, production, fault finding, commissioning services and validation surveys for spares/replacements and site visits.

Please contact us on 01992 456866 or for support with your project.


With the increasing complexity of buildings, building services and management systems, together with ever more commercial and legal responsibility, maintenance contracts are of growing importance.

Simmtronic offer a maintenance contracts facility for installed SPECS3 Lighting Control Systems.

Maintenance contracts are a cost effective way of ensuring the continual high performance from the lighting control system and are recommended as many issues can be resolved or proactively managed at the time of the maintenance contracts scheduled service visits.

There is no minimum or maximum time allocated to a service visit. Each project is different and the level of equipment on site and its complexity will dictate the time spent on any scheduled maintenance visit.

Simmtronic offers you an opportunity to benefit from an excellent Standard maintenance agreement, which includes bi-annual visits and a 48-hour call out response or the Comprehensive contract with additional features such as extended warranties and free software upgrades. The cost of the contract is related to the size of the installation and a full service report is issued after each visit.

Fill out a request form providing your name, email address, contact number, Simmtronic J. No, full site address, main contact, client, building level/area and landlord or tenant demise.

SPECS3 Training for FM clients

Simmtronic offer training of their Lighting Controls Systems across three areas. All training is site specific.


Simmtronic supply and commission lighting control equipment. Installation of the equipment is typically carried out by Electrical Contractors, however Simmtronic offer support and guidance on installation at all stages in the process. Training for installing contractors can be provided in the form of short tool-box talks on site or a more detailed instruction at our offices.


Suitable for client facilities maintenance teams who need to regularly interface with the Simmtronic installed SPECS3 lighting control system to control and obtain status information from the system. The course is tailored to the specific system of the participants and held on-site.


The full SPECS3 lighting control system training course covers all elements of the basic User Training Course and programming of the installed SPECS3 system. This will enable client facilities maintenance teams to use the capability of the powerful SPECS3 system features, including re-programming the system. This entails two days held at Simmtronic (Hoddesdon) office, and one further follow-up day held at client’s location if so required.

Appropriate training provision can be included in new project quotations, the Simmtronic sales team can advise.

For general training enquiries please call 01992 456866.

Help Desk

For operational issues Simmtronic have an engineer telephone help line during normal work hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday). Before contacting Simmtronic check that the issue is not caused by:

●  Failed lamp, ballast or mains supply issue
●  The lighting control system being incorrectly operated

Please contact us on 01992 450126 or and ask for the Help Desk.

Thank you Simmtronic, for your professional, fast and reactive support with the delivery of these projects.

Adam Scadding

EDDS Limited

Simmtronic have delivered a large number of technically challenging projects for DBS and consistently continued to provide outstanding service. Their support, guidance and help throughout the process has been exceptional, working closely with our design teams to ensure the right solution for the project and a sound understanding of the brief, with our delivery teams to ensure the installation and commissioning are trouble free and then providing fantastic after care to the customer. They have added true engineered value into the projects they have been involved in for Derry Building Services.

Geoff Caborn

Derry Building Services

Simmtronic have been a valued member of the DBS supply chain for over 10 years. Their pro-active and collaborative approach to lighting controls from the design stage, through to commissioning is highly valued by both our Design and Delivery Engineers.

Matt Hallam

Derry Building Services

Over the years I have really appreciated the Simmtronic ability to provide responsive support and listening to projects and clients needs. More recently the Simmtronic team has shown the capability to embrace the connectivity requirements of the Internet of Things by quickly adding MQTT to their range of integration protocols. This will greatly facilitate telemetry applications in buildings and the development of interconnected solutions that will make buildings more usable and easier to operate.

Francesco Anselmo


Landsec have consistently used Simmtronic Lighting Control Systems across our new London developments for over 15 years. Simmtronic understand our requirements and get involved at the very early stages of schemes, assisting consultants in achieving the optimum design solution, often taking the lead.  They always overcome the programme challenges they are faced with on site, delivering a quality, fully tested and operational solution, on time and to budget. Simmtronic undertake the maintenance and servicing across much of our London portfolio, they have a customer focused and flexible approach that suits the needs of our business and as well as our customers.

Mark Ponzini


Simmtronic as an organisation has been, for the last 18 years, by far the best performing and most reliable lighting control system I use. From design through to commissioning and soft landings with the landlord teams Simmtronic always deliver on my projects. Simmtronic technology evolution is not just pushed through like others, but rather properly tested internally first, giving us as client teams the assurance that what Simmtronic say they can offer is 100% delivered, an absolute must with fast track major projects.

Alan Williamson


Simmtronic has constantly been available at an early stage to engage both with the designers and the Contracting team to assist with design solutions and to test options. This ultimately assists us in de-risking the project during the commissioning phase which usually defines when the project is completed. Simmtronic is seen as ‘industry standard’ and it is always encouraging to see them involved.

Jo Benson

Derwent London