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Working with Simmtronic - An Overview

No two projects are the same. Simmtronic actively works with the customer to ensure the best solution is achieved for each lighting control system project.
The stages (blue italic) of a typical lighting control system project from initial enquiry, through installation, to in-use maintenance are listed below.
For more information please contact Simmtronic Sales on 01992 450126 or use the Contact Form.

1.  Initial enquiry

Requirements defined at a high level, key inputs are:
   ● Project scope.
   ● Building regulations.
   ● Client's desired lighting control philosophy.

A dedicated Simmtronic applications engineer is assigned to all enquiries.


2.  Detailed system definition
   ● Selector guides.
   ● Sample schematics.
   ● Product datasheets.
   ● Cabling and connection specification.
   ● Lighting control philosophy.
   ● Lighting control specification proforma.

Simmtronic applications engineer guides client to achieve optimal design.


3.  CAD Drawing of Lighting System with SPECS numbers

Simmtronic has an in-house CAD facility that can support or undertake allocation of SPECS reference numbers on CAD drawings.


4.  Establish site contact and shipment schedules
   ● Deliveries are scheduled to meet installation progress. 

Each project has a dedicated Simmtronic production coordinator.


5.  Production
   ● Shipment as per schedule.
   ● Installation instructions are included with each delivery.

Simmtronic manufactures in the UK, which ensures a fast response to customer needs.


6.  Installation of SPECS system by Electrical Contractor
   ● Installed and power-on is required before commissioning.

Simmtronic commissioning engineers can provide on-site installation training as required.


7.  Commissioning by Simmtronic engineer
   ● Creation of SPECS lighting control program.
   ● On-site training in use of SPECS system.

Simmtronic has a large team of JIB qualified commissioning engineers.
Method Statements and Risk Assessments available.
Daily snag lists issued to electrical contractor during commissioning.
The commissioning engineer will support project through to fine tuning of SPECS lighting control program based upon initial building occupancy experience.


8.  Witnessing and sign-off by client
   ● The Lighting Control Philosophy is used as basis for witnessing.

Simmtronic equipment warranty period commences after completion of commissioning.
90 day post occupancy lighting control program optimisation is supported.


9.  Ongoing Service and Support
   ● Maintenance of system.
   ● Changes and enhancement to system to meet evolving needs.

Simmtronic is committed to support all of their products for at least 10 years.
Simmtronic also has an Aftersales Department structured specifically to meet the ongoing support needs of SPECS system users.