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Changes & Enhancements

Requirements for a Lighting Control System evolve over time, often small changes here and there as building use alters. To support clients, Simmtronic have a dedicated Aftersales Department specifically organised for processing small projects and changes, or enhancements to installed Simmtronic SPECS3 systems in a timely manner. Large scale enhancements to existing installations are handled by the Simmtronic Sales Department.

Examples of typical changes and enhancement projects handled by the Aftersales Department are:-
     Addition of (a few) luminaires to existing system
     Movement or adding extra light switches
     Movement or adding extra sensors (presence detectors / photocells)
     Adjusting lighting control program due to revised office layout
     DALI sub addressing replacement gear

Simmtronic Aftersales can advise on potential changes. CAD work for the lighting system change can be supported if required. Equipment is supplied and is commissioned by Simmtronic engineers after installation (Simmtronic do not install). A project change / enhancement sheet is available which details the information required for a project to be defined and quoted. For new enquiries, please review / complete the project change / enhancement sheet and contact the Aftersales department.