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Bus & LCM Connections and Cables


Many factors influence the choice of luminaire cabling, cabling between a Simmtronic Lighting Control Module (LCM) and the luminaires. Simmtronic offer a wide range of cabling options detailed in the guides on this page. Simmtronic Sales can advise on the merits of the various cabling systems.

All details are in PDF format and can be seen without needing to register.


Bus Cable Specifications
(Details of Simmtronic E, M, C and T-Bus cable)

LCM Luminaire Plug Wiring
(Colour code details of 3, 4, 5 & 6 way luminaire connectors)

Luminaire Connection System
(Details of various LCM to luminaire connection methods)

Luminaire Connection System Reference Guide
(Range of pre-made plug and cable systems)

Simmtronic Installation Requirements
(Installation guidance details)

The Luminaire Connection System Guides contain both current and legacy connection (plug) products; current Simmtronic product uses Ensto D2 connector system.

FS Cables are Simmtronic partner cable supplier.
FS Cables stock Simmtronic approved E, M, C and T-Bus cables. F & S also stock suitable mains cable, 3, 4, 5 & 6 core, for luminaire wiring.

The Simmtronic approved cables are part of the TruLighting range from FS Cables.