Redefining How You Control Your Lighting

Our Gesture Controlled Lighting Control Scene Plate.


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    The SPS.30 Gesture Lighting Control Scene Plate revolutionises professional scene plate control. By utilising contactless technology for the most common lighting functions, it is possible to reduce the spread of surface transmittable viruses and bacteria without the need for constant cleaning. Virus Pandemics highlight the importance of clean and hygienic workplaces. While it may not be possible, reasonable, or even desirable to eliminate touch of communal surfaces from our daily lives, activating the most used functions with simple hand gestures (wave, air wheel, hold) while having a touch option for additional actions brings a balance of ease of use and hygiene.

    Key Benefits:

    • Contactless technology
    • Up to 7 Gesture Actions
    • 8 touch actions (4 touch + 4 long touch and repeat)
    • Control up to 4 groups
    • 3 operating modes to suit a range of applications
    • Elegant edge lighting for scene indication
    • Can be retrofitted to existing buildings
    • Surface and Recess installation options

    The device works by detecting changes in electric field caused by the presence of a conductive material. The human body is a conductor and so this technology works well with a variety of scenarios (speak to Simmtronic for further details).

    The SPS.30 can be retrofitted to existing buildings. Surface and recess installation options are available. View the video to show you how this is achieved.

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    What we have to say

    “During the Pandemic a few large companies who had concerns about the spread of viruses through touch approached us, asking, “Do you make a switch you don’t touch?” So, we researched this and couldn’t find any on the market that were specifically designed for the commercial office environment that could easily be installed in new and old installations. The Gesture Switch is easy to use, easy to install, uses simple hand gestures to control light scenes and is cost effective,”

    Mario Costanzo, Simmtronic Director.


    SUPPLY – Specs 2-Wire E-Bus, combined power and data

    TAMB – 0-30ºC, 90% Relative Humidity Max (non-condensing)

    WEIGHT – 200g

    IP Rating – IP20


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