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Our Advanced Colour Touch Screen Switch Plate


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    The SPS.20 provides an elegant full colour touch screen with a single integrated interface to Simmtronic lighting, blind and temperature control functions.

    Continuing to invest in the development of innovative products, the Simmtronic Development Team has paid close attention to creating a clear and straightforward interface thereby enabling users to control lighting, blinds and room temperature effortlessly from a single product. At early stages in development, client engagement has ensured that the SPS.20 solves problems and meets the needs of the market. With the SPS.20, designers can reduce the number of interface device needed to control room functions, reducing overall component count for an installation.

    Key Benefits:

    • 3.5’’ Full colour touch screen
    • 16 Lighting Scenes, 8 locally user programmable
    • Bluetooth enabled firmware upgrade
    • Selectable colour backdrop
    • Full colour LED status indication
    • Audible key-press feedback
    • Below 0.5 Watt power consumption in standby mode
    • Integrated blind control
    • Temperature control
    • Wake on touch
    • Standard easy install surface mount with black or white decor trim
    • Elegant recess mount option with custom back-box and fixing clips
    • Premium glass surface for scratch resistance and cleaning
    • Simple SPECS3 2-wire E-Bus installation, loop-in, loop-out for power and data

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    In surface mount form a Decor is supplied. The standard 60.3mm screw pitch ensures that the SPS.20 can be mounted into any situation where a standard single gang box is available, this also provides for retro-fitting into existing SPECS3 installations. Compatible with most UK 25mm or deeper single gang electrical dry lining boxes and 25mm or deeper steel back-boxes.

    A highly desirable feature of the SPS.20 is the elegant recess mount option which is installed via a custom back-box and clip system.

    The SPS.20 provides a single clean, obvious and efficient user interface carefully refined to meet the needs of a commercial environment which may have flexible working spaces. White icons are presented with a choice of backdrop colour and image options. The presentation to users is refined and uncluttered with programmable features hidden from view.

    The touch screen provides full featured scene programmability over many channels and up to 16 scenes. A balance is achieved by assigning 8 scenes to be formally defined lighting levels within the Simmtronic SPM Manager and the remaining 8 scenes to be locally programmed to user preference as required. Scene and Channel display names may be set from a predefined list of names to aid user interaction.

    In order to provide the cleanest interface for day to day use, the choice of scenes presented is paired back to only those that have been programmed or enabled. At any time the current lighting level may be raised or lowered using Up/Down control.

    The device features a 30,000 hour screen and solid state capacitors. To ensure screen brightness is maintained over many years, after use the switch will enter a screen saver mode running at reduced brightness and awake to full brightness as soon as the screen is pressed. The Full colour LED provides status indication.

    What we have to say

    “In-house designed injection moulded parts and a glass fronted touch screen are combined with other proven technologies to create a high-quality attractive product. Say goodbye to wall clutter and confusing interfaces and welcome in a new dawn for control technology,”

    Simmtronic Hardware Lead Engineer, Phil Knowles.

    “As a supplier, we are starting to see the Construction Industry pushing harder towards developing Smart Technologies and reducing its carbon footprint. With this demand in mind, the SPS.20 allows end users to integrate other buildings systems, such as temperature and blind control, into one slick device. The switch plate takes a positive step forward in reducing the building’s carbon footprint with less interfaces now required to control multiple building services,”

    Tomas Frenzel, Simmtronic Specification Engineer.


    INPUT – Specs 2-Wire E-Bus, combined power and data

    WEIGHT – 200g



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