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    Designed with Building Regulations Part L2 in mind, the Lighting Energy Monitoring Suite enables true lighting energy management. Capable of being retrospectively installed, our SPN.440 monitors lighting system events such as occupancy, daylight detection and scene changes to provide the real-time data needed to generate real savings. The Lighting Energy Monitoring Suite:

    Key Benefits:

    • Logs all lighting energy usage
    • Divides a building into zones determined by you, the client
    • Presents energy usage in W/m2 for each zone and compares it to Part L2 targets
    • Produces weekly usage reports
    • Identifies energy ‘hotspots’ where the lighting control regime should be improved
    • Produces data in easy-to-understand graphical formats
    • Has integral savings calculators, including potential savings from changes in control philosophy and changing the luminaries
    • Identifies the contributions to energy savings in each zone due to each control technique



    The SPN. 440 is provided with a range of specialist tools to facilitate savings, with the most popular being our savings calculators:

    • The dimming calculator enables the end user to test potential savings in any zone when reducing the maximum lighting levels. This tool uses the data collected from each zone to provide live and accurate savings calculations.
    • The retrofit calculator provides objective analysis of potential savings available when changing luminaires wholesale. Simply enter the new luminaire information (type, power and parasitic power if known) and calculate the energy and cost reductions based on the sites control philosophy.


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