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    Our SPN.410 Smart Building Interface enables high level integration for Smart building projects, facilitating individual feedback from every device on the lighting system. As a minimum, our system will report, in real time:

    Key Benefits:

    • Current lighting output level
    • Current operational status
    • Geospatial information of all connected devices (X & Y Coordinates)
    • Photocell lux reading (if applicable to the device)
    • Interface status (i.e. whether the interface is active)
    • Presence status (if applicable to the device)
    • Time since last presence/interaction (if applicable to the device)

    The SPECS3 system also offers a number of non-DALI solutions beyond the above, making a Simmtronic system the perfect solution for any commercial lighting application. All the above information can be made available to any Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) via BACnet over IP; additionally, the Simmtronic MQTT publisher can be used in conjunction with a suitable IBMS/Broker structure, to provide live event-based information exchange using a data lake typology.