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    SPC.2030 Compact Processor

    The SPC.2030 provides a lower capacity, lower cost solution where the SPC.3020 would be more than is required. The SPC.2030 consists of a small data server processor and all the necessary hardware to connect and communicate with the Simmtronic system, all housed within a compact metal enclosure.

    Key Benefits:

    • Small form factor, riser-mountable
    • Comprehensive IP security
    • Autonomous operation for extra resilience
    • Third party integration via BACnet and MQTT
    • Web interface for fault lists and locators
    • Simple reconfiguration tools for common changes
    • Full reconfiguration via SPECS Manager Roving Configurator
    • Full fault listings and snag sheets using Simmtronic software

    More information

    The SPC.2030 can supervise a network of up to a Maximum of 6 SPX Area Controllers. Unlike the SPC.3020, there is no SPM Specs Manager
    processor included and no SPM software provided to the client.

    A primary application will be for schemes where cost effective automated DALI Emergency Lighting testing is required. Optionally the SPC.2030 can accommodate additional software modules (SPN.xxx) to provide data server features, including MQTT and BACnet interfacing, circadian rhythm control, astronomical time programs and other high level control and monitoring functions.
    The SPC.2030 can be connected to a local wired IP network, then accessed via Simmtronic Viewer or a standard Browser from any suitable device; PC, tablet, phone. The Viewer will provide the standard capabilities to allow adjustment of preset lighting levels.


    ELECTRICAL –  220-240VAC 50Hz

    Power – 5w Typ, 10w Max

    WEIGHT – 1.7kg



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