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    MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is an ISO Standard Network Protocol particularly suited to smart technology and the underlying need to efficiently exchange vast amounts of dynamic building-wide status information, to achieve enhanced building performance and utilisation.

    Key Benefits:

    • Comprehensive Data Analysis
    • Simmtronic Data Aggregation Architecture which enables rapid data provision
    • Hosted on Robust Simmtronic SPC.2000 Control Processor with continuous operation
    • Simmtronic MQTT Software Model publishes data directly without third party gateways


    • Lighting Levels
    • Occupancy Status
    • Energy Performance (when purchased with Simmtronic energy monitoring toolset)
    • Device specific data for Area Controllers, Light and Blind Control
    • Gear and Lamp Faults, Maintenance reporting

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    What is MQTT and why do we use it?

    MQTT is a lightweight protocol designed for responsive real-time data updates. Its event-oriented data flows reduce update times to seconds.


    The MQTT Architecture consists of three entities: brokers, publishers and subscribers. The broker is an intermediary between publishers and subscribers. Publishers, such as the lighting control system, publish data to the broker about all the assets in their datasets. The broker retains the latest data published for every asset; publishers need to send data for an asset only when the data changes.

    Comparison between Simmtronic MQTT architecture and ‘typical’ MQTT architecture

    The data structure of the Simmtronic lighting control system is tailored to providing rapid MQTT data updates for every lighting asset. Every Lighting Control Module continually collects data from every asset (sensors, light fittings) that it manages. Every Lighting Control Module continually sends the latest data to its Area Controller. Every Area Controller continually sends all this data to the SPC.2000. The Simmtronic IP Parallel Access architecture allows every Area Controller to send data to the SPC.2000 simultaneously.

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    Our in-house developed tools allow us to deploy at massive scale individual asset identification, selecting from a range of configurable options:

    • UDMI
    • Asset GUIDs
    • Pre-determined topic naming conventions

    Once generated, our clients can make use our of asset register tools to correlate their asset tags with payloads as required. MQTT allows for a very flexible and scalable way to approach smart building applications; the Simmtronic MQTT Publisher is set out to gather data from the beginning continuously, providing natively published data in real time to a broker location of your choice, against a naming convention that you as the client can dictate.


    If you have any inquiries or need additional information about any of the products listed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

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