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Product Range Overview

Simmtronic Equipment Overview

The Simmtronic SPECS3 Lighting Control System comprises a comprehensive range of products which are categorised in four areas based on their functionality.

SPECS3 Overview

Head End Equipment

Create, reconfigure and monitor lighting control system programs in an easy to use graphical system. Options available include Automatics Test System (ATS) for emergency lighting and integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) via XML and most other industry-standard protocols.

Area Controller Equipment

The Area Controller is at the heart of the advanced SPECS3 lighting control system. The controller is sited at a lighting distribution board and provides autonomous control of all lighting fed from the board.

Lighting Control Modules

A complete range of modules to control luminaires with switched, DALI, DSI and analogue outputs, suitable for installing in false ceilings, bulkheads, chilled beams and riser cupboards. The Lighting Control Module (LCM) range covers ‘one per port’, DALI hub, hardwire switched and modular wiring installation methods.

Sensors, Switches & Interfaces

An extensive range of input devices for the SPECS3 system, PIR presence detectors, photocells, a large range of switches including wireless and remote control.