For 27 years, Simmtronic has built its development on the conviction that strong research creates fully intelligent lighting control systems that generate real results and have purpose, courtesy of our in-house RFI screen testing room, CAD, 3D printing facilities and team of specialist software and hardware engineers.

We avoid quick-fix off the shelf solutions and frequently design genuinely innovative products from the bottom up, by example we have around 40 in-house plastic moulded designs to our name.

We work on a broad portfolio of projects, combining the search for progressive technologies and product development with the need to respond to the latest client expectations.

The solutions we develop play an essential role in our ambition to make a positive and long-standing impact to the buildings we work on and the people who occupy them.

With so many new technologies and industry initiatives, it can be hard for users to decide on a path to follow. Our talented and dedicated R&D team take time to ensure that our creations are workable, refined and reliable when installed. Establishing that new products are safe, can be manufactured effectively, will live up to our performance tests and meet consumer needs, is at the heart of what we do.

We are currently rolling out the following exciting developments:

  • MQTT

Messaging protocol used to deliver telemetry information for M2M (machine to machine) applications:

– Uses Internet-style data encoding that makes the data readily accessible to programmers with Database/IT skills
– Provides rich information content for ease of analysis, not present in lower level protocols (BACnet, LON, KNX etc)
– Supports ‘change of value’ reporting to provide near real-time information about large installations with minimal data transfer requirement
– Offers the prospect of interconnected solutions that will make buildings more occupant-friendly and more efficient to operate (maintenance, energy use etc)

  • Heat mapping

Graphical representations of data from occupancy sensors, conveying easy-to-understand reports of building use, using colour codes to show people’s activity in the building.

  • Emergency testing

Our emergency testing system is fully automated and sequences tests so as to keep a building safe and habitable, while allowing tenants to control when they want testing to occur.

  • IP Parallel Access

Exploits the bandwidth available in Area Controller installations to provide near real time event reporting across entire large lighting control systems. Of particular interest when combined with use of MQTT to feed into detailed building analytics.

Thank you Simmtronic, for your professional, fast and reactive support with the delivery of these projects.

Adam Scadding

EDDS Limited

Simmtronic have delivered a large number of technically challenging projects for DBS and consistently continued to provide outstanding service. Their support, guidance and help throughout the process has been exceptional, working closely with our design teams to ensure the right solution for the project and a sound understanding of the brief, with our delivery teams to ensure the installation and commissioning are trouble free and then providing fantastic after care to the customer. They have added true engineered value into the projects they have been involved in for Derry Building Services.

Geoff Caborn

Derry Building Services

Simmtronic have been a valued member of the DBS supply chain for over 10 years. Their pro-active and collaborative approach to lighting controls from the design stage, through to commissioning is highly valued by both our Design and Delivery Engineers.

Matt Hallam

Derry Building Services

Over the years I have really appreciated the Simmtronic ability to provide responsive support and listening to projects and clients needs. More recently the Simmtronic team has shown the capability to embrace the connectivity requirements of the Internet of Things by quickly adding MQTT to their range of integration protocols. This will greatly facilitate telemetry applications in buildings and the development of interconnected solutions that will make buildings more usable and easier to operate.

Francesco Anselmo


Landsec have consistently used Simmtronic Lighting Control Systems across our new London developments for over 15 years. Simmtronic understand our requirements and get involved at the very early stages of schemes, assisting consultants in achieving the optimum design solution, often taking the lead.  They always overcome the programme challenges they are faced with on site, delivering a quality, fully tested and operational solution, on time and to budget. Simmtronic undertake the maintenance and servicing across much of our London portfolio, they have a customer focused and flexible approach that suits the needs of our business and as well as our customers.

Mark Ponzini


Simmtronic as an organisation has been, for the last 18 years, by far the best performing and most reliable lighting control system I use. From design through to commissioning and soft landings with the landlord teams Simmtronic always deliver on my projects. Simmtronic technology evolution is not just pushed through like others, but rather properly tested internally first, giving us as client teams the assurance that what Simmtronic say they can offer is 100% delivered, an absolute must with fast track major projects.

Alan Williamson


Simmtronic has constantly been available at an early stage to engage both with the designers and the Contracting team to assist with design solutions and to test options. This ultimately assists us in de-risking the project during the commissioning phase which usually defines when the project is completed. Simmtronic is seen as ‘industry standard’ and it is always encouraging to see them involved.

Jo Benson

Derwent London