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Compact DALI Control Modules


Main Features

  • Compact design suitable for mounting in chilled beams or small bulkheads.
  • Flexible configuration via SPECS Manager graphical software.
  • 10A fuse protected allowing smaller luminaire cable size.
  • Individual ballast control achieved using DALI addressing.
  • Supports Dali Bus connected SPECS3 Multi-sensors.
  • Simple twisted pair bus control.
  • 6 pole sockets, accepts 3 pole plug for standard non DALI luminaires.
  • External fuse and LED operating indicator.
  • Built in emergency test and load shedding support.
  • Input connection for up to 12 E-Bus switches and sensors.

Maximum 1500 watt, 10 Amp fuse
Overall size: 300 x 90 x 40 mm

Part No.
Description Ballasts Em.Inv E-Bus Dual Bus Ports
SPV.56-DaR Three Socket DALI LCM 20 10 12* 12* 3 
SPV.57-DaR Single Socket DALI LCM 20 10 12* 12* 1 

*A maximum of 12 sensors (either Dual-Bus or E-Bus) may be connected.