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Simmtronic Support

Simmtronic have an excellent reputation of supporting clients and resolving challenges that occur whether they be in meeting specification requirements in the design phase, or due to issues in installation and commissioning of the lighting control system.  The highly experienced Simmtronic technical sales team can advise and guide the selection of the most appropriate lighting control system.  

One of the benefits of Simmtronic’s SPECS3 Lighting Control System is its ability to support staged project construction. Initial installation can be to ‘shell & core’ or to ‘Cat A’ enabling the final ‘Cat B’ to be installed at a later date when required, directly expanding out from the previously installed equipment. Various projects are typically defined as:

   Shell and core - Installation of lighting control system for stair and lift areas, sometimes limited temporary floor lighting is included.
   Cat A - Generic Floors & Ceiling fitted with lighting control system to client’s requirement (unknown end user).
   Cat B - Floors fitted out with lighting control system to (end) client’s requirements.
   Fit-out - New build, lighting control system to (end) client’s requirements, complete installation in one stage.
   Refurbishment - Installation of lighting control system as part of a building refurbishment project.
   Changes & Enhancements - Changes and enhancements to existing installed Simmtronic lighting control systems.

UK manufacture and Simmtronic project production coordinators ensure equipment is supplied when required. On completion of equipment installation the large team of Simmtronic JIB qualified commissioning engineers ensure the lighting control system functions as intended and the lighting control program is implemented to the client’s requirements. Simmtronic have an Aftersales Department specially structured to support the on-going servicing and maintenance of installed systems, thus providing complete life cycle support for the lighting control system.