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Elevating Excellence: Our Sustainable Commitment

Sustainability at Simmtronic

By prioritising sustainability, we not only safeguard the natural world and its invaluable resources but also ensure a more equitable and prosperous world for current and future generations. It is a collective responsibility to preserve the delicate balance of our environment, foster social well-being, and promote economic resilience for a harmonious and enduring future.

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In response to the challenges posed by COVID, the Ukraine war, and China lockdowns, our global trade operations underwent a significant transformation over the past two years. While our manufacturing and assembly remain firmly rooted in the UK, we recognized the need to source components locally and reevaluate our PCB assembly suppliers, some of which were not in proximity to our Hoddesdon headquarters.

Through a comprehensive reorganisation effort, we successfully transitioned to collaborating with local PCB assembly companies. We now work with four manufacturers all with our home county, Hertfordshire with the exception of one partner we are gradually phasing out.

This strategic shift has led to a substantial reduction in the distance our products travel. We’ve determined that it’s not only cost-effective but also beneficial for the environment to procure certain PCBs within the UK and support other Made In Britain organisations.

We have encouraged all our assembly partners to prioritize UK-based PCB sourcing. In example, one of our partners produces PCBs in-house and manages their own in-house assembly, eliminating the need for transporting PCBs between locations. Our commitment to adaptability and sustainability has reshaped our approach to manufacturing, keeping us resilient in changing times.

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Efforts toward sustainability and responsible waste management are a priority for us at Simmtronic. While we already have recycling waste bins in place, we recognise that there’s always room for improvement. In our commitment to making a positive impact, we’ve taken steps to enhance our waste management practices.

To elevate our recycling initiatives, we’ve enlisted the expertise of a consultant who will guide us in optimising our waste disposal processes. We understand that sustainability goes beyond mere compliance – it’s about creating a culture of environmental responsibility.

In our ongoing refurbishment efforts, Simmtronic is taking a pioneering step by incorporating a dedicated dismantling workspace. This innovative space will serve a crucial role in ensuring that returned products are dismantled and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This forward-looking approach aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices and minimising waste.

As part of this initiative, we’ve developed the “Simmtronic Product End of Life Dismantling Guidelines.” These guidelines are our blueprint for the proper dismantling and disposal of our products, promoting a circular economy that maximises resource efficiency and minimises environmental impact. We believe that every product’s end of life should mark the beginning of responsible recycling and sustainability. At Simmtronic, we’re dedicated to leaving a positive, lasting legacy for our planet.


At Simmtronic, we are deeply committed to sustainability and the reduction of our environmental footprint. As part of our ongoing efforts to promote transparency and eco-conscious practices, we’ve engaged with BRE (Building Research Establishment) to embark on a journey towards obtaining Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for various product families within our portfolio. While it’s still in the early stages, this collaboration with BRE signifies a pivotal step in our mission to provide our customers with clear, data-backed information about the environmental impacts of our products.

We are able to produce TM65 Embodied carbon in building services documentation using the CIBSE calculation methodology for all projects on request, and have committed to doing this as standard with some of our biggest clients.

We are actively working on crafting our very own Carbon Reduction Policy, having engaged a specialist third part carbon reduction consultancy. This policy will serve as a comprehensive framework outlining our approach to achieving reducing our carbon footprint. Collaborating closely with a dedicated consultant, we are meticulously designing this policy to encompass all aspects of our operations, from manufacturing and supply chain to daily business practices. Our goal is to have a Carbon Reduction Policy firmly in place and being actioned by Q3 2024.

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Our Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing HQ is currently undergoing a significant and forward-looking modernisation. As a manufacturer of lighting controls, we are taking a comprehensive approach to energy usage. This includes optimising our use of natural daylight by introducing more windows, glass walls, and roof lights, particularly in areas with exposed services and ceilings. These enhancements will be integrated with our lighting control system, allowing us to efficiently dim or turn off lights using photocells and reduce light output on work surfaces when natural daylight is sufficient. We are also expanding the use of presence detectors and dimming technologies by windows.

In our commitment to employee comfort, we’ve optimised staff opportunities for individual control.  To manage glare and temperature control in spaces like the large meeting room and Technical Department, we’ve introduced solar shading blinds, controlled through Touch Plates & mobile applications. We have also completely overhauled our HVAC systems, fully integrating our our lighting control system with our new BMS, and ensuring that unused zones are optimised for energy efficiency.

Install less, benefit more

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable development, we look to consolidate technologies wherever possible.

Less parts, less deliveries and less points of installation = lower embodied carbon.


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DALI Intelligent Modular Distribution Box

  • Soffit mountable via keyholes
  • Pluggable Home Run cable
  • Integrated DALI drivers
  • Integrated SPEC3 E-Bus drivers
  • 4 Light, 2 Aux power circuit outputs
  • Simmtronic wiring system compatible

Reducing parts delivered to site and wiring on site and equipment installed in risers etc. A powerful product, able of controlling over 150 lights, it can also provides Auxiliary Power that can be used to power TVs, Fans, Aircon thus reducing hardware required on site.

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SPU.6-C7 Integrated Emergency PIR

  • Reduced Ceiling Clutter
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Significant Installation Savings
  • Simplifies Maintenance

Our combined EM/PD unit, which combines presence detectors with Emergency lights. This reduces having to buy stand alone emergency lights, cut more holes in ceiling tiles and additional wiring required when the units are separate. Presence detectors are generally installed every 6 meters which approximately the same spacing as emergency spots. So, this is actually a great product combining tech to reduce materials and carbon used in delivering 2 different products etc.

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  • 3.5’’ Full colour touch screen
  • 16 Lighting Scenes, 8 locally user programmable
  • Bluetooth enabled firmware upgrade
  • Selectable colour backdrop
  • Full colour LED status indication
  • Audible key-press feedback
  • Below 0.5 Watt power consumption in standby mode
  • Integrated blind control
  • Temperature control
  • Wake on touch
  • Standard easy install surface mount with black or white decor trim
  • Elegant recess mount option with custom back-box and fixing clips
  • Premium glass surface for scratch resistance and cleaning
  • Simple SPECS3 2-wire E-Bus installation, loop-in, loop-out for power and data

Our Touch plates combines the control of lights, blinds, temperature control into one package connected to the lighting controls system. The SPS.20 controls lighting, blinds and HVAC via an open protocol BACnet integration. This flexibility reduces wall clutter and labour, all in a sleek package.

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