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About Simmtronic

Simmtronic has established an enviable reputation for reliability and service, supplying the lighting controls for many of the country's largest and most prestigious commercial developments.

Using advanced digital technology, Simmtronic has developed high reliability systems that deliver the state-of-the-art in lighting controls. Energy savings, compliance with the latest standards and regulations, flexible building use and a productive working environment are just some of the key benefits of installing a Simmtronic lighting control system.

The company employs a large team of full-time commissioning engineers, project and production managers with a wealth of experience in the lighting industry.

Sustained investment in R&D underpins Simmtronic's long-term commitment to the development of ever more efficient lighting controls and to the service of its clients.

Key technologies in a Simmtronic lighting control system include:

  • Presence sensing and precision daylight control for reduced energy use
  • Advanced graphical front-end software: fully reprogrammable controls;   powerful monitoring and reporting tools
  • Control of DALI, DMX, DSI and 1-10 volt lighting
  • Automated testing of emergency lighting  (ATS)
  • Full interfacing to other building control systems, e.g. BMS, using Open Protocols
    Simmtronic controls are designed for and have been proved in large-scale installations, many over 1 million square feet. All systems are future-proof and upgradeable to support enhanced software features. The durability of Simmtronic Lighting Controls is demonstrated by the continual operation of systems 10 years after installation.